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Whether your tech problem is with your PC or Mac, laptop, desktop, or server, I offer both local and on-site services:


Fault isolation, or troubleshooting, is the process of determining the problem with your machine. Always free, this is when I will perform diagnosis and inform you of your repair options and cost.


This is self-explanatory; this is the event where your beloved electronic device will be restored to its' youthful glory and energetic state. Be it a broken screen, bad motherboard, failed hard disk drive, or faulty DC power jack, the two of you will be tearfully re-united after this process is accomplished. Your machine may feel a little discomfort during this time.


Maintenance is the important, if not mundane art of upkeep. Many times, simple tasks can be performed on a regular basis to keep the computer from become an ill-mannered miscreant. These tasks can be automated to minimize impact upon you, the user, freeing you to simply enjoy your life. I offer on-site monthly services, as well, where I will regularly ensure that your device is running at its' peak performance level.


Data backup is an important task which can be automated. Essential, your system cannot be fully restored without having first properly archived your documents, pictures, files, projects or other such irreplaceable data. I can show you how to accomplish this simply, effectively and automatically.


Sometimes, it happens that the operating system (Windows, Mac OS, etc.) must be reloaded. This is the case when damage and/or corruption of the hard disk drive is extensive, and all prior recovery and repair attempts have failed. It is at this time that proper data backup will be fully appreciated. When I perform an operating system reinstallation, all current software manufacturer updates are included.


Perhaps you are unsatisfied with the current performance level of your system. This is natural; I myself suffer from performance anxiety from time to time. Thankfully, this can be frequently remedied with the addition or replacement of hardware such as memory or hard disk drives. I will advise you as to what can be done to improve your machine's overall speed.

Virus/Malware/Spyware Removal

The most prevalent cause of problems with a computer today is the infection of a system with viruses, malware, and spyware. This can cause the afflicted system to run frustratingly slow pace, or worse, not at all. Though I advocate the usage of an up-to-date antivirus program at all times, it happens that some systems are not running such essential software. Or, in other cases, the antivirus software fails to stop an infection. Either way, this can be easily remedied, and adjustments can be made to minimize the occurrence of these pesky problems. You fortunate Mac owners never have to worry about this.

Password/Data Recovery

It happens from time to time that passwords are forgotten, or data is lost through accidental deletion or damage. In any event, these can be recovered. I can quickly reset forgotten passwords, and I can usually recover lost data. Data recovery can be time-consuming, however, so if we arrive at this point (I hope not), please be patient. As always, there is a 'no data, no charge' policy - if I cannot recover your data, there will be no charge for my time. If I can, you will have already been informed of my rate for this service, which is very reasonable and highly competitive.


Whatever your networking needs, I can accommodate them. From connection of a single system to the internet to a router, to advanced server administration, I can accommodate your needs and all those in between. I charge a flat rate for my time - $25/hour. Eat your heart out, Geek Squad!


I am happy to provide advise on all manner of technology implementation in the home or office. If you are unsure of or just know what your needs are, I can provide you with sufficient knowledge to to confidently make an informed decision in the presence of the most seasoned high-pressure salesman. You will come away from our conversation with this very knowledge in less than an hour, or I'm not doing my job properly.

Q-See / Lorex / Swann Security System Installation/Configuration

An emerging trend today is one where a home or business owner wishes to secure his/her premises with the use of a live video surveillance recording system. Inexpensive, these systems (made by reputable manufacturers such as Q-See and Lorex) are easily installed and set up. Additionally, they provide the owner with the ability to monitor their premises remotely, on a computer or a smartphone. Please ask me for a demonstration.

Restaurant POS (Point Of Sale) Systems

Proper repair and maintenance of touchscreen systems, typically used in some restaurants for everything from placing orders to receipt printing, is another service that I provide so that 'down-time' is minimized. Decreased/eliminated failure rates means more productivity and reduced loss.