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The Owner

After leaving the Boeing company, I began providing IT and computer services to people on a small-scale, personalized basis to friends and family. As word spread, demand for services grew, software improved, and hardware evolved, I realized the potential for a business market. After honing my skills for years by providing services to others on all levels and platforms, I decided to become "official". So I founded Tech Bliss, bringing 18 years of experience to bear.

My mission is to provide exceptional services at competitive rates.

Please contact me anytime if you have any questions or if you would like more information.

Many thanks to:

  • Caroline Blicq: Design, Love, Support, Patience, & Encouragement;
  • Todd Presson: An Excellent HTML Primer & Superb Guidance;
  • Mary Angelini: For Superior Photography, Continual Inspiration, & Creativity;
  • Christian Burpich of Creative Commons: Great Icons;
  • Jacques & Apolonia Schoutens: For having encouraged me to do this for quite some time;
  • And most of all, Susan Blicq: You know why!

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